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So I’m sitting at my kitchen table this morning thinking about how to start this new Blog for ZAR Bikes. It’s a typical New England day in Connecticut, raw and damp after 2 inches of rain preceded by 10 inches of snow 2 days earlier, so yeah a typical January day in CT. I’m looking out my window at the beauty of the river surrounded by snow, while drinking my morning espresso (medium roast, black, if anyone wanted to know).

Not knowing at all about what to write about because I’m not a blogger or a web designer. I’m just a simple bicycle mechanic, who like, all of you, has a taste for the finer thingsā€¦Beautiful Italian bicycles and Coffee! So I said to myself “Mattā€¦Go with that” so here we go.

I’ve been a bicycle mechanic, professionally, for over 20 years and have been building bikes for ZAR for 15 of those years. I have owned my own brick and mortar shop selling the “Big brands” and custom bikes alike, I have owned a mobile bicycle shop, I have managed and consulted other bicycle shops on streamlining service and efficiency, I have been to the Taipai Bicycle Show, as a consultant to help develop product lines.

Finding that I had a passion for Custom/Semi Custom Italian bikes.

While working with Roberto, at ZAR Bikes, we have become good friends and work off each other’s strengths, while drinking copious amounts of espresso. Working together to bring you the most gorgeous Italian bicycles to be sold in the USA.

“White Glove” doesn’t even begin to describe the care that Roberto takes of his customers. Taking the time on every bicycle to go over every detail to make sure that the bicycle is outfitted just the way it is wanted. Whether it is a Made to Measure frame from Casati or an Alloy Gravel bike, he takes the time that is needed to get it right the first time.

When its time for these beauties to be assembled, whether to a shop or to a customer directly, I look at it as if it was my own. Paying specific attention to the details, to make sure that your new bicycle surpasses the expectations that are had for it.

I have spent the last 15+ years assembling the most beautiful and elegant bicycles. Besides turning me into a coffee snob and bicycle snob, it has allowed me to work with some of the finest people (customers and professionals alike), see people’s dreams and expectations be surpasses and travel to some interesting places. So rest assured that your new bicycle will be in the best possible hands!


Matt Morris
Lead Assembler
ZAR International

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