ZAR International

If you enjoy the flavor of Italy, you will enjoy our heritage of beautiful Italian road bicycles.

We bring these exquisite machines to America, built by the finest bicycle craftsmen from the land where bicycles are not a business, but a passion. These bicycle framesets are not churned out by some colossal industrial complex, but rather are meticulously labored over by hand.

zar quality, artistry and design should be integral parts of your own quest for cycling excellence.



Our heritage starts with Pietro Casati whom started Casati. He started by hand building frames in Monza Italy.


Massimo and Luca Casati building frames for road bicycles.
Carbon and steel.
All built in the Casati workshop in Monza.
Without any exception. 
Massimo and Luca Casati building frames directly for cyclists.
One after one.
It is passion.
It is continuing the family tradition.

Casati frames are exclusively crafted work from Italy.

Casati customers are individualists.
They ask for classic bicycles.
An Italian taste for aesthetics.
The possibility of giving the bicycle a personal note.
The advantage of a customized frame geometry. 


I am Paolo Guerciotti. My son and daughter, Alessandro and Micaela, are now working with me in the management of the company. A passion and tradition that is carried on with pride to the next generation. This is Our Heritage!
It was my older brother Italo that give me the passion for cycling, I started racing in 1961 among youngsters.
My biggest and most significant achievement came in 1979, when I won the Blue Jersey at the World Cyclo-cross Championships In a way, I never left, since I remain involved in the sport with my family by nurturing young talent both in cross and on the road. We proudly won 74 titles over the years.
It was exactly this month of January 1964, that I opened my small shop, in a busy shopping area downtown Milan.
The city of Milan is often called the financial and industrial capital of Italy. It is also recognized as one of the world fashion capitals. It is a city always evolving, bustling with initiatives, innovations, new designs…. It is a reflection of its imaginative and industrious people. When it comes to bicycles, the Guerciotti Star best symbolizes the pride and talent of Milan.


CIOCC –  For the cycling enthusiast, it is a name that recalls the beginning of the great Italian tradition of hand-crafted racing frames. It was about 60 years ago that Ciocc started producing small numbers of framesets for some of the more demanding local pro riders, out of a small shop located in the province of Bergamo, just a few miles from the large city of Milan. It grew steadily since then, picking up great success stories such as the 1977 World Champponship race in San Cristobal, Venezuela and a strong presence at the 1980 Moskow Olympic Games. Teams like Santini / Conti, Italbonifica and Navigare were equipped with Ciocc bicycles, reaching international success. The company has undergone changes over the years, in the early 1990’s in particular. Stefano Bonati, a young apprentice at the time, is now part owner, therefore carrying on the tradition of craftmanship, exceptional quality and attention to detail that propels Ciocc into the modern age of carbon frames of today.