Ciocc Today

Ciocc has not given an inch over the last 50+ years, especially when it comes to paint design and giving the customer what they want. As you can see on our new site, most of the Ciocc models don’t offer “stock” colors and are all designed by the customer and painted in Ciocc’s workshop in the Tuscany region of Italy. For those of you who don’t know Ciocc, I’ll give you a brief history. Ciocc was started in 1969 by Giovanni Pelizzoli, whose nickname was “Ciocc” (Pelizzoli was from Bergamo Italy and Ciocc in his dialect means Spike or Nail). He personally designed and manufactured frames until 1980, including models like the Mockba and San Cristobal, which are still in production today. In 1980 Giovanni Pelizzoli sold Ciocc to Luigi Conti, Conti was a bicycle fanatic. In 1991 Conti sold the company to three of his frame builders, Stefano Bonati, Giuseppe Biffi and Giacomo Conti. Shortly there after, and still to this day, Stefano Bonati owns and leads the business, as well as being the creator of all steel frames! Today, “Technology is the basis of Ciocc production”. Using sophisticated software that allows the “visualization” of frames in 3D. After the design is complete the next step is creating the molds that will allow them to create customized tubes. All of the tubes are created by hand. being cut, grooved and mitered to form the foundation of the frame. The tubes are then wrapped to tailor them to the high performance, yet safe ride that they have spent decades developing. After the frames are made, the next step gets passed to the customer…choose your frame, logo and/or trim colors. After the customer chooses the frame design they would like, the design then goes back to Ciocc and gets applied to the frame, in the Ciocc Workshop in Italy. Use the Supremo as an example…there are over 16,000 different color combinations to choose from! Odds are you aren’t going to find someone with the same paint job as you and you didn’t even have to pay extra for it. Ciocc is setting themselves apart from the competition, both Italian and big 4, with their customizable paint schemes, at no additional charge and their pricing on mid to top tier bicycles. To be able to get a Tube to Tube construction frame, with Dura Ace Di2, Ursus Carbon Wheels and Customized Paint for just over $13,000.00 ($13,195.00 to be exact), compared to the (Monocoque) Specialized S-works Tarmac SL8 (with comparable components), in only 2 color ways, for $14,000.00 or a Trek Emonda SLR 9 (with comparable components), in only 6 colors and only saving you $450.00. So why go big 4 and get stuck with a monocoque frame that isn’t tailored to be fast and comfortable (you have to choose one), why limit yourself with color options or pay an additional $1000.00+ for custom paint after buying the bike, why not just get everything you want right from the get go and have a bike different from everyone else. Get the stares from people even if you aren’t on the podium and own the fact that you have the coolest bike on the group ride or in the peloton! Thank you Ciocc!
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